Get involved

Are you an electricity end-user wanting to purchase renewable electricity? It is best to reach out to one of the active market players already registered with the I-REC Standard. E-mail the I-REC Standard secretariat for more information.

Are you interested in becoming a Trader or Broker, buying and selling renewable electricity on the market? As a trader or broker you will need to open an account. Download instructions to open an account here

Are you a renewable electricity generator wanting to sell your renewable attributes to consumers? You can do this easily by contacting one of our registered traders or brokers, they can help you through the process. For more information about registration in the I-REC Standard tracking system follow the link here.

Are you an informed stakeholder wanting to improve or get informed about the system? Join one of the I-REC Standard working groups. For more information fill out the form below.

Are you a representative, think-tank or employee of a national government or regulator? Cooperation with local authorities is our highest priority and it is our responsibility, together, to ensure that consumers are correctly informed about the electricity attributes they purchase and consume. For more information fill out the form below.